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Our Story 

As a kid, you’d probably find T.O.B. Apothecary founder Christine looking for things in the woods that she could add to her “potions”. She comes from a family of plant enthusiasts where her passion for plants was born. Christine started buying packaging materials before she even knew what would go in the containers. It was after that when she started experimenting with ingredients from her community.

The T.O.B. Apothecary started in 2015 and the first generation of products more closely resembled a bar of soap. The consistency was thicker than desired and not ideal for liberal application. As a result, Christine was not getting the customer response she knew she could.


As fate would have it, Christine met now-husband, Josh, in 2016. Josh thought Christine had a great product but, like any new idea, saw some areas for improvement. 


Together, they began experimenting with new formulations for a more accessible product. This exercise allowed the couple to evaluate each step of production - soil, plant, process - to refine it for quality and efficiency.


They fine-tuned their local supply chain and identified the temperatures that each material would tolerate to yield the desired potency. 


Then, eureka! A new formulation. With the addition of one natural material, the consistency morphed into a rich salve that lends itself to easier application and improved absorption.


What makes our products different than others?

From the test results of the soil each ingredient is grown in, to the label on the package, we know the exact background and makeup of every T.O.B Apothecary item made so that you can too. 

We are so proud of the exceptional work our network of local professionals brings to our area! 

Join us in creating a community with a superior self-care experience.
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